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Formative assessment

Know what they know

Instant feedback

Full engagement

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Proven in classrooms, validated by scientific studies

Introduced in the mid-1980s, Discourse has been used successfully in a variety of classroom settings — from elementary schools to universities — in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Over the years, numerous research studies have shown that Discourse leads to improved student performance.

Research compendiumsThe Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, Saint Paul, Minn., conducted the most comprehensive research, which showed that:

> Discourse produced a 50-100% increase in active classroom participation of all children in elementary school classrooms.
> Low achieving students made significant gains in elementary reading and math with Discourse, compared with students not using the program. 
> Teachers valued the technology and said it created more opportunities for participation, feedback and ongoing formative and summative assessment.

Other evaluations have found:

> With Discourse, children with disabilities engage in classroom instruction at the same level as children without disabilities, and all children are significantly more engaged with Discourse than without the program.
> Discourse offers alternative assessment procedures that measure and chart children's achievement level and growth week-by-week during a school year.
> Discourse improves performance of mainstream and at-risk elementary, middle school and high school students on state proficiency tests.


“It absolutely creates a difference in learning. The teachers are delighted with the immediate feedback they get from the kids. They particularly like the ability to make instant adjustments in their lesson delivery based on real-time assessment.”

Patricia Rosenbaum
Highwood Hills Elementary School, Saint Paul, Minn.

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