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Formative assessment

Know what they know

Instant feedback

Full engagement

Leave no child behind


Key benefits
Use Discourse for instructional delivery & assessment

> Every student participates in every lesson — so they all can show what they know.
> Teachers see each student's responses to their questions — keystroke by keystroke.
> Assessment and feedback occur immediately — when they are most helpful.

Discourse with handheld computersTeaching with Discourse
Discourse is adaptable to any teaching style. It can be used for whole-class or small-group instruction, or in self-paced mode where students work independently. A teacher can display selected answers and give students instant feedback with a feature that informs them whether or not they've answered a question correctly.

Assessment with Discourse
With Discourse, students construct their responses to lesson activities and questions in their own words, which the teacher monitors as they type. This gives the teacher immediate feedback about how well students are understanding a lesson. Discourse enables teachers to adjust their lesson plans as they teach to accommodate the pace of learning in the class. In addition:

> Teachers can send private feedback to students.
> Student work can be stored for later assessment and parent meetings.
> Teachers can document observations about individual students.
> Tests and quizzes can be scored automatically.
> Teachers can see and record how many attempts each student makes on specific questions.


“The biggest thing I get from Discourse is time. I use it for pre-knowledge assessment before I start a new unit and again for testing when I complete a unit. The pre-unit assessment tells me instantly how much of the underlying math I need to review. The post-unit testing allows me to tell my students their grades instantly.”

Juannah Brice, science teacher
Highland Park High School, Amarillo, Texas

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