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The Great Pyramid
A great resource for those studying ancient civilizations. During your virtual tour through the passageways and chambers inside the Great Pyramid, you’ll discover interesting facts about the pharaohs for whom the pyramids of Egypt were built.

The History Place
An essential stop for history buffs, offering an in-depth view of U.S. and world history, including a wide range of essays and opinions.

One Old House
What was home life like at the turn of the 20th century? Find the answer to this question from the Bowlers—a modern day family who spent three months living as Victorians in the 1900 house. This unique look at history offers a virtual tour along with video clips. Make sure you watch the preview of the Frontier House.

Stamp on Black History
Take a first-class tour of black history through the stamp collection of the U.S. Postal Service. Learn about the black men and women who have been honored on postage stamps, take a black history quiz, and discover interesting facts about stamps and stamp collecting.

You Be the Historian
Want to become a historian? This site gives you an insider's view on what life was like for the Springer family 200 years ago, complete with documents and objects the family left behind.

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