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Featured Teacher:
Rick Robb

9th Grade English Teacher
and Technology Consultant,
Howard County, Maryland

Since Fall 2000, Rick has developed ways to make wireless computing part of his students' everyday activities.

"Students wrote separate Letters to the Editor on their devices, then combined the best portions to create one class letter. The final version was so well-written, people thought I had done it."

Peer Editing: "Students divided into groups of three to write narrative stories from the point of view of a violin. Each student beamed his section of the story to his classmates for peer editing. They were able to quickly revise the three sections into a final draft, all in one classroom session."

Student Organization: "Students streamline a lot. One student takes notes, then beams them to others so their attention can be focused wholly on the discussion. It frees students to think about the lesson at hand."

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