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Like you, Mindsurf Networks and its founding partners--Sylvan Ventures and Aether Systems--are committed to helping students achieve academic success. We believe that our wireless computing solution helps schools achieve this shared goal effectively and affordably. Together we are creating classrooms in which:

  • For the first time, one-to-one computing is a reality. Gone forever are the days when computer access was limited to labs or rolling workstations. Now EVERY student and teacher holds a wireless computer.
  • Teachers and students are connected to a network of educational resources designed to integrate technology with the needs of your school and classrooms.

Mindsurf Networks was founded by some of the most respected names in the education and technology industries:

  • Sylvan Ventures is the education ventures group of Sylvan Learning Systems. The ventures group and Sylvan Learning Systems combine educational industry experience with secure investment capital backing. As one of the world's most prominent providers of educational services to families, schools, and corporations, Sylvan delivers comprehensive training to teachers across the country, offering professional development and support. In addition, Sylvan is the market leader in delivering tutoring programs to students throughout the United States.
  • Aether Systems is a leader in the deployment of secure and robust wireless and mobile data products and services across a variety of financial, health care, logistics, and mobile government markets worldwide. Providing comprehensive, technology-independent solutions, Aether's leadership position in the wireless industry is unmatched. Current customers include Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online and Charles Schwab. In addition Aether and 3Com have formed OmniSky, a company developing wireless e-mail, Internet access, and other electronic transactions applications.

We welcome you to our network of learning professionals dedicated to increasing academic achievement and ensuring access to technology for today's students. Together we are enriching the way we teach, learn, dream, and grow!

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