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International Standards

Japan's Educational System - Learn more about the education system that is often compared to the United States. This report gives a discerning view of national education and national standards in Japan.

Middle School Math Reform - Worried about middle school math? This paper, based on America's disappointing results from the 1999 TIMSS, presents an interesting discussion about reforming American middle school math curriculum for "world class" learning.

Third International Mathematics and Science Study - Beautifully designed, this site will introduce you to TIMSS as well as to education internationally. Besides reviewing the 1995 and 1999 TIMSS, other links take you to subjects such as teaching practices in other countries and math and science curriculum in TIMSS countries.

TIMSS Case Studies - This is a well-researched and well written case study that compares the ways in which these three TIMSS countries educate their children. See especially Chapter 2: Education Standards.

Why You Should Care About TIMSS - Ever wonder what use the TIMSS could possibly be to you or your students? This page gives a few brief pointers for making the TIMSS meaningful in the context of your classroom.

National Standards

At-Risk Students in Standards-Based Reform - Three views on how to improve opportunities for success for at-risk students, especially in the new, standards-based environment.

National Education Standards in the U.S. - What are national standards anyway? Where did they come from? For a great overview of what the national standards are all about and how they pertain to the state standards, this site gives a clear, easy-to-understand history.

National Standards - A snap to navigate, this site gives you an overview of our nation's learning standards. Click on one of six standards areas: fine arts, language arts, math, physical education and health, science, or social studies.

A Nation at Risk - A must-read for all educators from the National Commission on Excellence in Education. The current standards movement is largely based upon this 1983 report's recommendations.

Standards and Benchmarks - Everything you ever wanted to know about our nation's standards. Browse or search national standards by subject and subcategory. As a great bonus, search teaching and learning activities that are connected with each standard.

State Standards - A wonderful program by the nonprofit Achieve, this site helps states benchmark standards and assessments against the best in the U.S. and the world, with PDF reports on select states and information on an initiative to improve mathematics achievement in middle schools.

Creating the Standards-Based Classroom - Sometimes hearing stories and specific strategies from other teachers is the best way to learn about implementing your state's standards in the classroom. Access this issue of "Changing Schools in Long Beach" for some real-life standards-in-the-classroom stories. Download a modular PDF math unit, too!

Developing Educational Standards - A truly remarkable site, chock-full of standards-in-education links and information, including State Focused Groups such as Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance and Centers, Clearinghouses, and Labs such as the Center on English Learning and Achievement. Scroll down and click on each section's Resources Page to read full descriptions.

Learning Standards by State - Need a quick overview of your state's learning standards? This site provides an easy, alphabetical linked list of state Departments of Education, complete with links to each state's learning standards.

Standards Database - If you're familiar with the standards, but want to do more in-depth research, this site helps you narrow your search to state, grade, subject, and even specific skills, such as writing, grammar, or listening. Even better, you can compare your state's standards to another and have them displayed side by side!

State Standardized Tests

The Context of Assessment - What does testing test? How are standardized tests and alternative tests useful together? Three very good articles from Eisenhower National Clearinghouse discuss assessment in education.

Holding Schools Accountable - A special issue of "Education Week" details the findings of an exhaustive, 50-state survey of state policies on accountability, with state report cards and helpful links.

Standardized Testing - Are you against high-stakes proficiency tests? Searching for ways to make the state tests a positive force for learning? Interested in what the president of the Educational Testing Service thinks? Become familiar with all sides of the debate as you read seven different points of view on state testing and its usefulness in the classroom.

Test Locator - This site provides a search tool to help you find links and information on almost any standardized test, plus the Code of Fair Testing Practices.

Standardized Test Prep

Catholic High School Entrance Exam - If somebody you know has to take the HSPT high school test, see and sample it here. You can also read a brief description of the COOP test, typically given to eighth-graders for entrance into Catholic High School.

Math Problem-Solving Worksheets - If your middle school students have a standardized math test coming up, these worksheets can help to prepare. They can strengthen their skills in fractions, word problems, averaging, place value, and other vital math basics.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets - Access worksheets for middle school students to prep them for standardized reading tests. Students can practice skills such as finding synonyms, word meanings in context, and main ideas.