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BillNye - Learn about Bill Nye the Science Guy and find episode guides from his television show. Watch video clips, try a daily science demo, find a "kitchen sink" science experiment, or ask Bill Nye a question about science.

BrainPOP - Hereís a cool site thatís sure to please young science enthusiasts. Marvel at health, science, and technology-related animated movies and fun quizzes, and learn all kinds of fascinating facts to share with friends.

Extreme Science - Did you know that the rhinoceros beetle can carry 850 times its own weight? This site provides you with far-out facts about earth science, space, time, weather, technology, and more. Take a live virtual tour of the International Space Station, map the night sky, and link to many other cool science sites on the Net.

How Stuff Works - Anyone who wonders how a toilet works or how bees make honey should visit this site to check out pages devoted to how stuff works. There are hundreds of articles, easy-to-understand diagrams and animations, a question of the day, newsletter, and lots of cool links.