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Community Relations

America Taking Action - Here's a national network of school websites and resources focused on involving communities with their schools, with mailing lists for teachers and parents and links to lesson plans and other online resources.

National Association for Partners in Education - Resources, training, contacts, and symposiums, all focused on developing school volunteer, intergenerational, community service, and business partnership programs to help students and schools be successful.

Courses & Workshops - Look no further for a long list of free courses on education-related subjects, including administration and leadership in schools.

Online Learning - Are you missing that one course for recertification? Or perhaps you're looking for something that will help you improve your teaching. Click here to find over 250 courses offered from prestigious universities including UCLA.

Online Workshops - High quality workshops for educators, administrators and teachers on the latest topics that affect your school and its classrooms--available over the Internet from the University of Northern Iowa.

Education Advocacy

The Center for Education Reform - This thorough site is an obligatory stop for any education-reform enthusiast. If you are a newcomer to reform issues, you’ll find out what education reform means for students, educators, and schools.

Education Week - A stop at Education Week will keep you on top of the latest education news stories of the day. You’ll find state-by-state information, special education reports, and a glossary of educational terms and phrases.

National Education Association - Learn about the latest in education initiatives, events, and projects from the National Education Association. Sign up for a free subscription to "NEA Focus," a weekly email newsletter highlighting late-breaking education news at the local, state, and national level.

The New York Times: Education - If you want to know what’s happening in the world of education, check out this user-friendly site. Read the daily education news, explore recent developments in classroom technology, join in the discussions about education issues, and peruse the quarterly education supplement.

Education Conferences

American Association of School Librarians - Find the latest information about the American Association of School Librarians' annual conference and exhibition.

ERIC Calendar of Education Conferences - Use ERIC's search engine to find information about upcoming education conferences, or submit information about an event that you are planning.

National Council for Social Studies Conferences - Information on the annual National Council for Social Studies conference, as well as upcoming seminars and state council meetings.

School Tech Exposition and Conference - Get the scoop on "Technology & Learning Magazine's" two yearly conferences.'s Monthly Calendar of Important Conferences - This site offers a convenient calendar with direct links to many different education conferences around the country.

Graduate Programs

Directory of Distance Grad Degrees - A listing of over 40 different degree programs offered at universities around the world in numerous subjects.'s Education Courses - Earn graduate credits online! Kaplan expands your professional development with courses such as Technology for Teachers, Special Education, and School Leadership.

Journals & Magazines

Education Week on the Web - To find out what happened last week and what is expected for next week, click here for instant access to the education community’s newspaper of record, including daily news updates and special reports.

Kappan - Head here for "The Professional Journal for Education." You can find past issues and articles online from one of the best-known journals in education.

National PTA - This site provides online information and access to the PTA's first-rate publication geared toward parents and teachers. It offers valuable insights and solutions for teaching today's kids.

Rethinking Schools - When you need an alternative view on a school issue, turn here. If your school's thinking seems headed in the wrong direction...maybe it needs some "rethinking."


Mentoring by Email - Connect via email with a teaching mentor that can handle any question you have and remain in contact with you in a one-to-one partnership.

Reading Specialists Online - Reading Specialists are available to help you solve your most challenging students' reading problems over the Web. Search through a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you need, simply submit your own question to the experts. Mailring - This site provides online information and access to the PTA's first-rate publication geared toward parents and teachers. It offers valuable insights and solutions for teaching today's kids.

New Teachers

ABC - A great all-purpose site for teachers. Check out the special section for student teachers, and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to receive frequent materials and ideas.

Education - Get news, tips, links, lessons and anything else you need for teaching in today's world.

Highlights' TeacherNet - This site wins the "I sure wish they had this when I was just starting out" award. A great place for middle school teachers to start or end up: community, newsletters, tons of resources, and links.

New Teacher Survival Guide - Tips designed to calm frayed nerves and inspire confidence, something all first-year teachers could use every now and then.

Professional Associations

American Association of School Administrators - Find out what school leaders from around the country are reading, thinking, and talking about, including those trends that are heading your way.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development - Look to ASCD for online tutorials, professional development courses, issues surveys, education bulletins, and more.

Council of Great City Schools - A quality site for the city educator. Come here to read about important initiatives, partnerships, resources, and management services that are designed to improve your school's life.

International Reading Association - A fabulous place to jump into the world of literacy education. Everyone can find something useful here-- parents, teachers, and administrators.

NEA - The National Education Association's official site is full of information and resources for the education professional.

Teacher Certification

Accredited Schools, Colleges, Education Departments - The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education maintains this easy-to-navigate page to help you find any education program accredited by NCATE in the United States.

Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification - Are you a mid-career professional yearning to teach? Alternative routes to certification can be a big help. This site provides resources and links for those of you looking to become certified.

Council of Chief State School Officers - Certification and required training for teachers differs from state to state. At this easy site, just click on your state's department of education, then click on "teacher certification" or search the site under Certification for the inside scoop on your state.

Globewide Network Academy - If you're looking for an online teacher certification program, Globewide Network Academy's catalog is the place to go. This listing is divided into numerous subject subcategories and linked to specific programs.

National Board Certification Guide - The PDF download takes a few minutes, but for anyone considering National Board Certification, this handbook is a must-read. Also available in print for $5 from the American Federation of Teachers or National Education Association.