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Teacher Training Program
We know that technology most effectively enhances instructional practices - and student achievement - when it's fully integrated into curriculum.
Teacher Training Program
Through our Teaching Exchange, we give you the training and support you need to tap into the power of technology and do what you do best: teach. Mindsurf Networks' staff development programs - an integral part of the Mindsurf Networks solution - show you how to improve student achievement using innovative technology, productivity applications, and curriculum resources.
Mindsurf Networks Integration Specialists partner with your school to:
  • Establish goals and objectives for maximum classroom integration of the network and applications.
  • Develop customized lesson plans that utilize the Mindsurf Networks solution for immediate use in the classroom.
  • Conduct training in the features and functions of Mindsurf Networks technology and education resources.
  • Establish a dedicated, on-site Lead Teacher who will participate in additional professional development and serve as a guide to your teachers in integrating Mindsurf Networks.
  • Perform regular follow-up consultations to ensure technological and academic success.
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In addition to Professional Development Workshops and our landmark Lead Teacher program, Mindsurf Networks offers other collaborative resources, including:
  • Online Teaching Exchange, our Web-based database of targeted online lesson plans and integration tips from teachers using Mindsurf Networks all over the country.
  • Web Guide featuring hundreds of links to online reference materials and subject-oriented websites.
  • A regular listserv forum to exchange ideas and solutions with participating teachers nationwide.
Learn more about our three networks of achievement in Our Value to Schools.
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