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Reading and Writing Skills
Mindsurf Networks has a positive impact on student literacy skills by providing "anytime, everywhere" access to word processing, eBook, audio, and other text handling functions.
88% of pilot teachers say the Mindsurf Networks solution encourages students to write more, 90% say it helps students revise their work, and 75% say it encourages better organized student writing.
"I've seen an extension of my students' thinking because they are writing more frequently using the handheld computers," says one Language Arts teacher. "Since making revisions to their writing is easier on the handheld, my students with disabilities are elaborating more in their writing."
84.7% of high school students at our development site report that they most frequently use their handhelds for writing in class and/or at home (4 or more days per week).
73% of pilot teachers say that Mindsurf Networks makes their assessment of student work more convenient, and 71% say it increases the frequency of their feedback.
69% of pilot teachers say the Mindsurf Networks solution helps students reflect on, and conduct close textual analysis of, written and audio texts.
"Reading the Call of the Wild on the handheld was calming for special needs students because there was less text on the page," says one high school teacher. "These students could also infuse the story with more information by highlighting text and taking notes, then surfing to related websites right from the handheld."
Innovative classroom uses:
  • Conduct a silent debate.
  • Record voice notes about text.
  • Convert text to eBooks and annotate.
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