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Organization and Time Management
Mindsurf Networks has had a significant impact on student and teacher organization, including facilitating homework assignments and scheduling activities.
96% of pilot teachers surveyed say that the Mindsurf Networks solution "improves student organization."
93% of pilot teachers say that the Mindsurf Networks solution "gives students a greater sense of responsibility and professionalism toward their work"
"With Mindsurf Networks, it takes much less time for my students to take or copy notes, and they are much better organized," says one teacher.
93% of high school students at our development site report that they most frequently use their handhelds in class and/or at home to "get organized."
"Mindsurf Networks helps me achieve my goal of engaging my students in a whole world of new activities while keeping them on task, with a minimal amount of redirection from me," says one middle school Social Studies teacher.
Innovative classroom uses:
  • Beaming students specific homework reminders - with alarms.
  • Emailing homework to entire class at once.
  • Color coding homework and handout text.
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