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Research Proves Software's Positive Results

Discourse, a powerful teaching and assessment tool that enables educators to instantly know how well each student is learning, has been used actively in hundreds of classrooms, with positive results. Studies show that Discourse dramatically increases active student engagement by as much as 100% and significantly improves academic achievement across grade levels and subjects.

Discourse Classroom Successes: Documented Outcomes

Here are a few highlights of its classroom success:
Increased student engagement in instruction by as much as 100%. - High levels of student engagement were found as a result of Discourse use. In one study, Discourse data revealed a 97% response rate across all 10 lessons during teacher-guided instruction, and 94.4% during self-paced instruction.

Significantly improved student performance across all grade levels and subjects. - On the Ohio State Mathematics Proficiency Test, only one of the 58 at-risk 8th graders passed the practice test. After daily use of Discourse, 32 passed the Ohio Proficiency Test. The following year, 37 of 52 at-risk students passed the Ohio Proficiency Test. At Highwood Hills Elementary School in St. Paul, school-wide implementation of Discourse has shown significant improvements in academic achievement. Prior to the integration of Discourse into the classroom, Highwood Hills ranked 31 out of 40 St. Paul elementary schools in the percentage of students with average scores on the MAT-7. The following year, after intensive work with Discourse, the school ranked 5 out of 41.

Predicted increases in student achievement on criterion referenced and standardized tests. - On the St. Paul District Competency Test, Discourse students’ average score increased from 52% on the pretest to 69% on the posttest, with an average score of 75% on the official district test.

Special needs students demonstrated outstanding academic gains. - Use of Discourse with two groups of special needs students—one group with profound hearing loss and the other with severe learning disabilities—demonstrated student response rates above 90%, accuracy rates above 85%, and improved performance (in some cases by as much as 44 percentage points) on criterion referenced tests.
Powerful Teaching. Smarter Technology.

Discourse does more than simply connect each student to the teacher via a computer. This unique software and delivery engine supports critical teaching activities and learning processes, including student engagement, academic responding, student/teacher feedback, reports, pacing of instruction and content creation. By providing teachers with the ability to engage every student in the classroom and monitor each response, keystroke by keystroke, Discourse empowers teachers to significantly impact student achievement.

To receive a complete copy of the Discourse Achievement Results Report, please contact us, or call 1-800-MINDSURF (646-3787).