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Powerful Teaching and Assessment Software

Discourse is a powerful teaching and assessment tool that enables educators to instantly know how well every student is learning. Designed for daily instruction, Discourse fully leverages the investment schools have made in technologyódesktops, laptops or handheld devicesóby connecting teachers with every student in every lesson. Now, with Discourse, educators can easily deliver assignments, lesson material and assessments while instantly measuring student comprehension.

How Discourse Works

  • Every student has access to a computer.
  • With one click, the teacher sends an activity or question out to each studentís computer.
  • As each student responds, every keystroke is instantly visible on the teacherís computer.
  • The teacher views all responses in real time and can make several instructional decisions.
The Teachers CanÖ
  • Share an interesting response immediately with the whole class by sending it to each studentís computer.
  • Send a private, instant message to one student who is having trouble and suggest that they review last nightís assignment.
  • Save all student responses to evaluate later.
The teacher can do all this and more within minutes, without having to wait to grade a test Ė when itís often too late to reteach. This is the power of Discourse.

Assessment Content Makes Testing a Part of Learning

Powerful on its own, Discourse is also designed to be used in combination with EdVISIONís Assessment ConnectionTM, featuring a rich, reliable database of 12,900 state standards correlated test questions measuring more than 900 skills in Math, Language Arts and Reading. Assessment ConnectionTM quickly creates assessments that with one click, can be sent to each studentís computer. Responses are received and reviewed as they happen. This powerful combination of testing content and real-time, individualized lesson delivery provides educators with the tools to respond directly to the challenges of meeting assessment goals while teaching progressively.

Proven Results

Studies from classrooms using Discourse have found that the software significantly improves student achievement across grade levels and subjects, with some schools experiencing increases in test scores by as much as 75%. Now, no student will be left behind.