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Features and Benefits

One-to-One Teaching for 100% Participation - For the first time, teachers know every student’s response to each instructional question, whether they’ve raised their hand or not. Response formats are designed by the teacher —multiple choice, fill in the blanks, keyword, short answers, essays, and much more.

Standards-Aligned Assessment - Teachers can access more than 12,900 test items aligned to state standards and national high-stakes tests. With a single click, teachers can create assessments and use them as a part of their daily teaching.

Use Your Own Lessons - Teachers can easily integrate their own lessons or other lesson material within Discourse. The simple authoring tool lets teachers use graphics and even entire websites to bring teaching to life.

WebTravel - Discourse’s WebTravel feature provides teachers with a simple and inventive way to explore the Internet as part of daily instruction. Through teacher-directed functions, students are taken to specific web sites for exploration. At any time and all times, teachers control the site selection and can even take students to certain pages within the site.

Instant Chat for Instant Feedback - The ability to communicate instantly and privately with each student ensures more frequent, individualized and more in depth two-way communication between teachers and students.

Automatic Grading and Reporting System - Instant scoring and assessment reduces grading time and leaves more time for teaching.

Complete Record of All Student Work - Full records of lessons and student responses can be saved and reviewed at any time, providing teachers with solid evaluation tools and help with lesson refinement.

Extensive & Detailed Reporting - With six different report formats, teachers can create whole class or student-by-student reports or measure responses to individual questions or entire lessons. These reports can be instantly generated and printed for parent-teacher conferences and other record-keeping demands.

Proven Effectiveness

Discourse has been used actively in hundreds of classrooms, with positive results. Discourse does more than simply connect each student to the teacher via a computer. The unique software and delivery engine supports critical teaching activities and learning processes, including student engagement, academic responding, student/teacher feedback, reports, pacing of instruction and content creation. By providing teachers with the ability to engage every student in the classroom and monitor each response, keystroke by keystroke, Discourse empowers teachers to significantly impact student achievement.