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Academic Content &
Academic Content and Applications
Mindsurf Networks brings together unparalleled curriculum content and applications built around the needs of students, teachers, and administrators.
Academic Content and Applications
First we equip each student and educator with affordable wireless technology packed with productivity tools, then extend the power with network and Web access to an array of standards-based resources. As students and teachers tap into these powerful resources, classroom instruction becomes more collaborative, with increased productivity, organization, and communication.
Our latest release of Achievement Essentials 2.0 makes one-to-one computing a reality in the classroom and includes a robust learning software platform comprised of easy-to-use tools for real-time assessment, as well as group and customized lesson delivery. Features of the Mindsurf Networks total teaching solution include:
We believe that students can better achieve their full potential with direct access to today's technologies and Web-based resources. Mastery of these tools also contributes to individual organizational skills and technology literacy.
Each Internet-ready student computer is capable of storing written documents, performing calculations, navigating the Web, and communicating with others. One-click applications include:
  • Word processing and spreadsheet applications for use with class assignments.
  • Digital Locker of organizational tools, including a calendar, task list, and contacts, to track classroom assignments and homework completion.
  • eBook library for quick access to a dictionary, a free library of classical literature, and other educational materials.
  • More reference tools, including an interactive Periodic Table of Elements and a calculator.
  • Online Reference Desk, with dictionaries, thesauruses, and translation tools.
  • Closed email system for safe communication within the school network.
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Mindsurf Networks creates a powerful one-to-one wireless teaching and learning environment complimented by deep curriculum. Teachers can plan lessons integrating curriculum standards and cutting-edge technology. Through the wireless network in each classroom and our unique lesson delivery engine, teachers can instantly transmit detailed homework assignments with study sheets and linked Internet resources to students.
The Mindsurf Networks Web Gateway consists of rich, educational content and features - all accessible from school or home - including:
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The Discourse Teaching Suite - a robust assessment and feedback engine - enables teachers to customize tests and quizzes and receive instant feedback on individual or class performance. This engine will be enriched to include a large multicurriculum databank of quizzes and answers correlated with state and local district standards, all easily accessible from school or home.
Participating teachers will receive unique benefits and capabilities:
  • Deliver standards-based lessons in ways that engage every student in the classroom.
  • Receive real-time student responses for instant and unparalleled insight into what each student knows.
  • Determine immediately whether students are comprehending the lesson or whether additional review with individual students or the class as a whole is necessary.
  • Maintain constructive and meaningful one-on-one communication with each student throughout each class period.
  • Adapt curriculum to whole-class instruction, small-group work, and self-paced activities through a flexible, portable, and interactive delivery system.
  • Engage the power of the Internet as a teaching tool by sending digitized content - from text to graphics to Web pages - to students' Internet-connected computers.
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Mindsurf Networks encourages creative exchange of ideas and teaching methods among participating teachers nationwide. We support teacher productivity and provide tools to easily integrate our total teaching solution into classroom instruction, with customized staff development and access to the Mindsurf Networks Teaching Exchange.
Ongoing training and curriculum integration support include:
  • Professional Development Workshops led by a curriculum Integration Specialist to help schools integrate Mindsurf Networks technology, customize existing lessons, and establish benchmarks for success.
  • Online database of classroom management ideas and standards-based lesson plans and units created by and for educators.
  • Network of participating teachers submitting ideas, sharing lessons, and collaborating to effectively merge technology and learning.
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Mindsurf Networks provides a suite of highly specialized applications designed to protect and support the school environment, complete with real-time user support.
Our multitiered maintenance and support package ensures that Mindsurf Networks technology is a seamless part of daily instruction, with:
  • Comprehensive instruction manuals for students and teachers, as well as online Handhelp, a knowledge base of frequently asked questions that also allows users to communicate directly with Mindsurf Networks and receive direct assistance.
  • Multiple avenues for customer support, including email and toll-free calling, ensuring a timely response to every customer issue received. If we can't help you remotely, we'll dispatch a technician to your school to solve the problem.
  • Proactive system monitoring to evaluate your Network Controller and the connection of your wLAN and Internet around the clock and handle any disruptions before they affect your service.
  • Automatic troubleshooting and upgrades to regularly back up data and provide the latest student and teacher applications.
Technology, wireless computer networking, standards-based curriculum - and support you can rely on. Mindsurf Networks puts the power of learning securely in your hands.
Learn more about our three networks of achievement in Our Value to Schools.
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