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Lesson Plan Directory

AskERIC Lesson Plans
You know that the best lesson plans come from other teachers. That's what makes the AskERIC Lesson Plan Collection is such a gold mine. Look here for more than 1,100 unique lessons contributed by teachers from all over the country and organized by curriculum topic--from the arts to vocational education, and everything in between. You can even submit your own lessons for inclusion in the database.

MarcoPolo Project: Standards-Based Content
The MarcoPolo Project integrates the Web resources of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Geographic Society, and other partners to bring you lesson plans, expert-selected links, and more.

Microsoft: Teach With Technology Tools
Do you have Microsoft Office on your classroom computers? Put tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher--plus Encarta and Internet Explorer--to work with Productivity in the Classroom. Microsoft has provided free, fun, curriculum-connected lesson plans that show you how to integrate MS Office into your classroom projects.

Science Lesson Plans
If you're the kind of biology teacher that likes to have his students make frog Sandwiches or their own DNA fingerprints, then check out these lesson plans for some inspiration.

An impressive array of lessons from the Learning Network's TeacherVision site. Lessons are searchable by grade level, type of resource, and subject area
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