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International Standards
International Standards

Japan's Educational System
Learn more about the education system that is often compared to the United States. This report gives a discerning view of national education and national standards in Japan.

Middle School Math Reform
Worried about middle school math? This paper, based on America's disappointing results from the 1999 TIMSS, presents an interesting discussion about reforming American middle school math curriculum for "world class" learning.

Third International Mathematics and Science Study
Beautifully designed, this site will introduce you to TIMSS as well as to education internationally. Besides reviewing the 1995 and 1999 TIMSS, other links take you to subjects such as teaching practices in other countries and math and science curriculum in TIMSS countries.

TIMSS Case Studies
This is a well-researched and well written case study that compares the ways in which these three TIMSS countries educate their children. See especially Chapter 2: Education Standards.

Why You Should Care About TIMSS
Ever wonder what use the TIMSS could possibly be to you or your students? This page gives a few brief pointers for making the TIMSS meaningful in the context of your classroom.
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