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Classroom Tools

Developer One Pocket ScreenSnap
Purchase this inexpensive utility program and start taking screen shots from your handheld computer. This tool comes in handy when you would like to capture images of websites from your handheld or insert screenshots of the handheld in directions or presentations.

MemoWare offers a unique collection of thousands of documents (databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc.) and links to websites about handheld computers. Best of all, most are free! Note: You can download LIT files to read in Microsoft Reader. To read other file formats, follow the instructions in the MemoWare PocketPC Help section.

Keep up with the latest issues involving PDAs in education by reading pdaEDís featured articles, or post a question on their discussion boards to get help from other educators using handhelds in the classroom. The product section contains reviews and information about PDA hardware, software, and accessories for students and teachers.

SnapIt 2.0 Screen Shot Utility
Download this utility program, and start taking screen shots on your handheld. Itís a handy tool for students to use when they are trying to capture images from Web pages. Note: This software will only take pictures of half the screen until you enter a serial number that you have purchased from the website.
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