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School Funding
School Fundraising
School Fundraising

Box Tops For Education
Get your whole community involved in raising money for your school by saving box tops and labels. This site explains which products are used, how to register for the program, and all the basics necessary for a low effort but successful fundraiser!

The Fundraising Edge
A great site to visit before you start your venture in fundraising! Get essentials on fundraising safety issues, proper banking, and possible problems, plus tips for a successful campaign!

Fundraising Ideas
An in-depth guide to products available for school and nonprofit organizational fundraising. Product information, a comprehensive company Web link listing, as well as fundraising newsletters and books.

Labels For Education
By saving and redeeming labels from the many participating Campbell's products, you can obtain free merchandise for your school. Registers groups for the program online and get information for continued support throughout the year.

Target School Fundraising
Set up a simple fundraising program through the Target Guest Card Program. A percentage of all purchases are donated to your local school. The site even provides the ability to track funds you are raising.
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