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Child Development
Teen Years
Teen Years

Parenting Adolescents
Discipline. Drug use. Peer pressure. Chores. All the tough topics are covered in this comprehensive guide to what it takes to understand a teenager.

This unique online magazine for families with teens looks at teen issues from both sides of the fence. Start by reading “Teens Speak Out: What Parents Do Right--and Wrong” in the Parent Pages, compiled by a high school student from interviews with other students.

Teen Health
Teaching or raising teens means dealing with the changes in their bodies...and their brains. Relationships. Feelings. School. Jobs. Sort it all out on this site where you’ll find articles on stress, body image, life after high school, and more.

Whole Family.com Parent Center
This well-organized site has a plethora of resources on raising responsible, well-rounded teens. Articles are accompanied by a list of recommended books and online resources.
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