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Web Search Engines
Web Search Engines
Streamline your Web searches to get the results you really want with these search engines and strategies.

Kid-Friendly Searches

Ask a direct question in a simple way at these sites.
AOL Kids Only
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Cyber Patrol's Route 6-16 CyberGuide
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Meta Searches

Take advantage of all the major search engines in one fell swoop!
Search Engine Guide
Web Search
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Search Strategies

Add these symbols to your search terms to get targeted results.
  • Use a ( + ) sign in front of a keyword to ensure a keyword is included in your search result.
For example: Hotdog+bun
  • Place a ( - ) sign in front of a keyword to eliminate a keyword from your search result.
For example: French-fries
  • Place quotation marks ( " " ) around a string of keywords to guarantee that the results returned exactly match the order of the keywords entered in your query.
For example: "hot fudge sundae"
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