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Lin Storey
Instructional Leader of English and Maryland Teacher of the Year

River Hill High School, Howard County, Maryland

Lin Storey
Lin Storey has been using handheld computers to teach both her 11th grade Gifted and Talented students and her Special Education students.
"Reading the Call of the Wild on the handheld was calming for special needs students because there was less text on the page. They could also infuse the story with more information by highlighting text and taking notes, then surfing to related websites right from the handheld."
Writing Process
"I've seen an extension of my students' thinking because they are writing more frequently using the handheld computers. Since making revisions to their writing is easier on the handheld, my students with disabilities are elaborating more in their writing."
Group Presentations
"In a time capsule unit, groups of students researched an 'ism' in American history, such as Transcendentalism or Puritanism, using Pocket Internet Explorer. They found examples of art, literature, and music on the Internet, emailed group members about their research findings, and even used their handhelds during their presentations to help them remember points they wanted to discuss with the class."
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