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Cindy Schnaar
9th Grade Social Studies Teacher

River Hill High School, Howard County, Maryland

Cindy Schnaar
Cindy Schnaar began using handheld computers in her World History class in February 2001. She has discovered a number of ways to successfully integrate them into her curriculum while helping other teachers do the same.
Data Analysis
"Students have used Pocket Excel to determine insightful ratios, such as the land area of Great Britain versus the land area of the British Empire, and averages, such as the average per capita GDP of former imperialist powers versus the average per capita GDP of their former colonies. For the latter activity, the students used Web resources to find primary data."
"Since the eBook can be emailed to every student, I am no longer limited to class sets of literature available in my school. Fiction or nonfiction books can be downloaded and used as a motivational activity or as an entire lesson. I emailed my students a chapter from A Tale of Two Cities as a motivational activity while studying the history of France. I've even created eBooks of my own handouts and of newspaper editorials."
Teacher Collaboration
"I decided to start an email newsletter within our school so that teachers could easily share websites. We've also used the newsletter as an informational tool by including tips about how to use email on the handhelds and how to create eBooks. Since this type of technology - handheld computing - is so new, we are constantly learning more about it, and we're sharing this information with colleagues."
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