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Doug Purinton
10th-12th Grade Science Teacher

Broome High School, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Doug Purinton
Doug Purinton has been using handheld computers in his high school Environmental Studies class since February 2001.
"The ability to use technology to acquire information within the classroom has motivated the students to do better work, read more, and write better sentences."
"My students have been instrumental in coming up with ideas and uses for their Mindsurf handheld computers in the classroom. Using the handhelds, we have created 'Clip Notes' on chapters, put together a portfolio to begin a new business in precision farming, created a 'Most-Unwanted Pest' poster, and written a research paper. The list continues to grow as we learn more about the technology. We are only limited by our own imaginations!"
"The handheld computer has been a great tool for me as a teacher. It brings the Internet to each student in the classroom, right at his or her desk. The future looks exciting for technology in the classroom. We have gone far beyond just Web surfing."
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