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Sara Makris
7th Grade English Educator

Hamilton Middle School, Baltimore City Schools, Maryland

Sara Makris
Sara Makris has been teaching English for two years, and she and her teammates have been using handheld computers with a seventh-grade class since March 2001.
Enthusiasm and Responsibility
"Students are instantly engaged when they use their handheld computers. Having to take care of their own computer has taught students a lot about responsibility."
Research and Writing
"My students have been using the handheld computers to complete a biography project. They are using the Internet to research the lives of young adult fiction authors such as R.L. Stine and Walter Dean Myers, then writing the authors' biographies using Pocket Word. In another assignment, students used Pocket Word to draw and label the different proofreading symbols."
Efficiency and Organization
"Because they can research, take notes, and write their final drafts all in the same place, using the handheld computers has helped students. They are able to work more quickly and stay organized because everything is right in front of them in their handheld."
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