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Bonnie Beaver
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Everts Middle School, Circleville City Schools, Ohio

Bonnie Beaver
Bonnie Beaver has been using a set of handheld computers to teach three language arts classes since February 2001.
Individual Attention
"Students beamed the book reviews they wrote to me. I read their rough drafts and recorded a voice message for each student about what corrections and additions needed to be made. Students enjoyed this personal communication, and I found they spent more time editing their writing and correcting mistakes."
Research Tool
"We read a story about the Titanic, then divided into groups to research answers to questions students had about the ship using both printed materials and the Internet. This worked effectively since each student has access to the Internet on the handheld computer."
Enthusiasm for Learning
"Students take more personal ownership in their assignments, and they are elaborating more. They want to produce quality work, and they are becoming independent workers. One student said, 'We are completing work faster. We have more time to move to the next lesson.'"
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