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Lesson Plans
Make the wireless work for you with our model lesson plans. Select a title to view a lesson plan, and then download its components to use on the handheld. Look for discourse icon for lessons that utilize Discourse teaching strategies.
Language Arts

American "Isms"
Try using this comprehensive group project after your students spend time sampling short pieces from the historical literary eras, or "Isms," of American literature.

Awakening to the Art of Mary Cassatt
Students integrate the paintings of Mary Cassatt into their study of The Awakening by Kate Chopin in this creative activity.

Colorful Speech
Here's a quick way to brighten up a review of the parts of speech for your students by using Pocket Word. discourse icon

Persuasive Writing with Harry Potter
What do you get when you mix Harry Potter and a controversial topic such as book banning? You get an engaging way for students to practice using the Modern Language Association (MLA) style in their persuasive writing. discourse icon

A Separate Peace: Fact & Fiction
Students compare fact and fiction between the fictional novel by John Knowles and his real-life experiences during World War II to develop an understanding of the ramifications of war for people of all ages. discourse icon

Wild About Sentence Structure
Strengthen writing, editing, and punctuation skills with this lesson plan based on The Call of the Wild.


Tackling Tessellations
Students explore mathematics in art when they try tackling tessellations. By applying their knowledge of geometric concepts such as polygons, angles, congruence, and transformations, students learn how to recognize tessellations and create their own. discourse icon

X Marks the Spot
This makes a great warm-up activity for Algebra students. It's a race to find unknown variables as partners solve linear algebraic equations together.


Extreme Weather Statistics
Build students' data analysis skills with a real-world phenomenon: daily extreme temperatures around the United States.

Geology Sleuths
In this hands-on science lab, students use the power of deduction, as well as their knowledge of minerals, to classify rock samples and record their observations in Pocket Excel. discourse icon

If You Are What You Eat...
Teach your students all about the nutrition challenges young people face while using the power of technology to promote healthy eating!

Social Studies

Election Pocket "Zine"
The controversial Presidential Election of 2000 is history, but the electoral issues are still hot handheld topics!

Revolution is in the Air!
Challenge your students to learn what was and what might have been as they predict different outcomes of the French Revolution during this simulation activity.discourse icon

Virtual Renaissance
Primary resources, first-person narratives, and images from the past help make this time period come alive so groups of students can discover the changes the Renaissance brought to European society.

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