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Download this teaching method and its components to your desktop computer. You can save these files to your desktop computer, then edit them, print them, or email them to your class. When you open these files on a handheld computer, they are automatically converted to handheld versions.

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Task Tour

This tour of the handheld computer helps students become acquainted with the power of their new tool and makes a great activity for the first week you distribute the handhelds to your students. Students become familiar with several applications on the computer as they complete tasks that you beam to them.

Getting Started with Handheld Computing

Grade Level(s)

Standards Connections
National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers (International Society for Technology in Education), Standard V. Productivity and Professional Practice/C. Apply technology to increase productivity.

Task Content, Eval Form (see file downloads), Teacher handheld computer

  1. Download the Task Content Pocket Word document to a handheld computer and copy and paste the information listed under "Task #1" and "Task #2" from Pocket Word to new Tasks on your handheld. Revise the tasks as needed to suit your needs. To create new tasks, tap Task List on the Digital Locker screen, then tap New.
  2. Download the Eval Form to your handheld computer, then beam it and the two tasks to the first students who come in the door. Each student can beam the three files to two more students until everyone has the assignment's components on their handhelds. Note: Tasks cannot be emailed, so you will have to rely on beaming them to students.
  3. Students should follow the instructions in the task "Learn to be organized!" and then move on to the task called "Learn Pocket programs!" Below are tips to help students complete each task:
  1. To create new folders in My Documents, tap the File Storage icon from the Digital Locker screen. In File Explorer, tap Edit>New Folder.
  2. To create a new appointment, select the Calendar button on the front of the computer, then tap New. Students should enter the required information and tap OK.
  3. To create a new task, tap Task List on the Digital Locker screen, then tap New. Students should enter the required information and tap OK.
  1. To copy and paste text from one program to another, highlight the text, then tap and hold until a menu appears. Select Copy, then navigate to the other program and tap Edit>Paste.
  2. To open Pocket Internet Explorer, tap the Internet icon from the Digital Locker screen. To add a website to the Favorites folder, tap the folder in the bottom command bar, then tap the Add/Delete tab. Tap the Add button, then tap OK.
  3. Open Pocket Word by selecting the Word Processor icon on the Digital Locker screen. To format text in Pocket Word, highlight the text and tap Edit>Format. To save new documents, tap Tools>Save Document As. Name the file and tap the folder in which to save it.
  4. To save a file using a different name in Pocket Excel, open the file and tap Tools>Save Workbook As. Name the file and tap the folder in which to save it.

  • The last task requires that students evaluate each other's work and then send it to you so that you can see if anyone is having trouble using a specific tool on the handheld computer. Make sure students beam or email their completed Eval Form to you when they are done.
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    * Teaching Method provided by Rick Robb, 9th grade English teacher, River Hill High School, Howard County, Maryland.