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Getting to Know You

This activity introduces students to creating contacts and beaming files on their handheld computers. Try using it at the beginning of the semester or school year as a means of introducing students to each other and gathering their contact information at the same time.

Getting Started with Handheld Computing

Grade Level(s)

Standards Connections
National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers (International Society for Technology in Education), Standard V. Productivity and Professional Practice/C. Apply technology to increase productivity.

Your students' handheld computers, teacher handheld computer if available

  1. Have students fill out the contact information on their own device by going to Contacts using the Start menu, then selecting New.
    1. They should only fill out the information that they are willing to share with the entire class, so they may not want to list their home phone number.
    2. You might want to have them write something about themselves in the Notes section.
    3. Students should tap OK when they have finished filling out their contact information.
  2. Ask students to "meet and greet" their classmates by exchanging contact information with everyone.
    1. To beam a contact to someone, select and hold the name on the contact list. When a menu appears, select Send via Infrared.
    2. The person receiving the contact needs to tap the Infrared icon on the Digital Locker screen.
  3. As students leave the class, have them beam their contact information to you if you have a handheld computer available. You may want them to add the information they weren't willing to share with all their classmates, such as their home telephone number, their parents' work numbers, etc. Also have students list their class schedules in the Notes section so you can have easy access to them.
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* Teaching Method provided by Rick Robb, 9th grade English teacher, River Hill High School, Howard County, Maryland.