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Download this teaching method and its components to your desktop computer. You can save these files to your desktop computer, then edit them, print them, or email them to your class. When you open these files on a handheld computer, they are automatically converted to handheld versions.

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Importing and Exporting Lesson Databases in Discourse

You can download content that has already been created for use in Discourse directly from the Mindsurf Networks website. Follow these steps to download a lesson database to your desktop or laptop computer and then import it into Discourse. Or, if you've created a lesson that you would like to share with other educators, follow the export instructions below.

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Standards Connections
National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers (International Society for Technology in Education), Standard V. Productivity and Professional Practice/C. Apply technology to increase productivity.

Desktop or laptop computer, Mindsurf Networks Achievement Essentials 2.0

To use the Discourse component of one of the lesson plans or teaching methods in the Teaching Exchange, you will need to download the Discourse lesson database to your computer and then import it into Discourse Teacher. Note: You must visit the Mindsurf Networks website from a desktop PC with Mindsurf Networks Achievement Essentials 2.0 installed in order to download a Discourse lesson database.

To download a Discourse lesson database from the website:

  1. Click the link to the Discourse component of the lesson plan or teaching method.
  2. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to run the program or save it to disk. Choose Run this program from its current location and click OK.
  3. A security warning dialog box appears. Click Yes to proceed to the next screen.
  4. Click the Browse button and choose where you would like to save the Discourse database once the file is "unzipped" (decompressed). Click Unzip.
  5. You should see a message saying the file was unzipped successfully. Click OK and Close.
To import a Discourse lesson database:

  1. Open Discourse Teacher.
  2. If Discourse Teacher was already running on your computer, you will need to close any open lessons by selecting File>Close Lesson.
  3. Click File>Import Lessons. The Specify import file dialog box appears.
  4. In the Look in: box, select the drive and folder that contains the lesson database you want to import.
  5. Highlight the lesson database file you want to import and click Select.
  6. The Import Lesson dialog box appears. Highlight the name of the lesson database in the pulldown menu and click Import.
  7. In the Import As dialog box, name the lesson, then choose the course where the lesson will be listed from the pulldown menu. Click Import.
  8. Once the lesson has been imported, you can open it by selecting File>Open Lesson and choosing it from the dialog box.
To export a Discourse lesson to transfer to another computer:

  1. Click File>Export Lessons. The Export Lessons dialog box appears.
  2. Click the pulldown box in the Course field and select the course that contains the lesson or responses you want to export. The list box displays all of the lessons and responses contained in the selected course.
  3. If a lesson contains responses, a box with a "+" is displayed to the far left of the lesson name. Click on the "+" to display the responses associated with the lesson. You can expand all lessons at once so that all responses are displayed by clicking Expand All. Or, you can collapse the entire list so that only lessons are displayed by clicking Collapse All.
  4. Click inside the box to the left of the lesson(s) and/or responses you want to export. A check mark appears. If you select responses to be exported, the lesson is automatically selected. You cannot export responses without also exporting the lesson.
  5. Click Export. The Save Discourse Lesson File dialog box appears. In the Save in box, select the drive and folder where you want to export the lesson.
  6. To export the lesson(s) and/or responses to an existing database, select the database file from the list. To export the lessons and/or responses to a new database file, type a name for the database in the File name box.
  7. Click Save to export the lesson to the specified location. The lesson database can now be saved to a floppy or zip disk, emailed, or posted on a server so others can access it and import into their copy of Discourse Teacher.
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