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Our Value to the Entire School Community

When you place a wireless handheld computer into the hands of a child in a classroom, magical things happen. Productivity increases, test scores can rise, learning experiences deepen, and imaginations grow.

When you place a wireless handheld computer into the hands of a teacher, time takes on a new dimension. Using state-of-the-art tools that merge technology and learning, educators can streamline their administrative tasks, leaving more time for what's really important: teaching students.

Mindsurf Networks delivers educational applications that improve student achievement and teacher productivity while cultivating communication between students, teachers, and parents.

A Wireless Network Infrastructure
Our wireless network seamlessly connects individual handheld computers with a rich database of content, tools, and resources. Since handheld computers travel with the user, their data is accessible to the student and teacher throughout the school day. The latest content and resources are delivered in real-time, thereby enhancing productivity and allowing instant assessment of your learning goals. We share your belief that continuous access to educational tools and resources will have a measurably positive impact on student achievement.
A Deep Network of Resources
At our essence, Mindsurf Networks is a network of achievement. Each Mindsurf Networks application is carefully selected based upon its ability to help students learn and foster communication and collaboration throughout the school community. Productivity tools help both students and teachers manage assignments and workload, research information both on and off the Internet, and prepare written materials, such as quizzes or homework. The Mindsurf Networks package includes:
  • For the first time, one-to-one computing is a reality. Gone forever are the days when access was limited to computer labs or rolling workstations. Now every student and teacher has the power of a computer in their own hands.
  • You and your students are connected to a vast network of educational resources designed specifically to integrate technology with the needs of your school and classrooms.
  • You will collaborate with a network of learning professionals dedicated to increasing academic achievement and ensuring access to technology for all of America's kids.
Our Network of Professionals
Our network of learning professionals is dedicated to increasing academic achievement and ensuring access to technology for today's students. Together we are enriching the way we teach, learn, dream, and grow!
Mindsurf Networks believes we can enhance the way teachers deliver, students engage in, and parents support education and learning. We provide an accessible, affordable, and all-inclusive computing solution that combines the need for cutting-edge technology today with the potential for growth and advancement tomorrow.
Fully scalable, Mindsurf Networks can be customized for each participating school and configured to evolve and upgrade according to the developing standards of the educational community. We remain committed to developing, testing, and improving our entire range of products and services based on your experiences in the classroom with students.
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