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Our Commitment to Research
Mindsurf Networks values the important role research plays in validating the essential elements of our solution to schools.
We have partnered with The Center for Children and Technology (CCT) to determine how technology is making a difference in student learning and achievement. Throughout its 20-year history, CCT has been nationally recognized for its studies regarding the impact technology can have on improving the circumstances of teaching and learning. CCT is dedicated to understanding the roles new technologies can play in young people's lives. Learn more about our partnership with CCT and see the results of CCT's latest study on Mindsurf Networks' Schools of Innovation.
The Mindsurf Networks solution is continually being researched and updated to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We use an extended network of teachers, administrators, and students to test emerging concepts and track product preferences, all of which are reviewed with our ultimate goal in mind - to make a positive impact on students' academic performance.
Our latest in-depth research reports prove the impact of our solution on student engagement, performance, and more. Find out how we're Making a Difference.
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