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February 26, 2001
Mindsurf Networks Partners with Nationally Recognized Center for Children and Technology
Research Partner to Measure Impact of Handheld Computing in the K-12 Classroom

BALTIMORE - February 26, 2001 - Mindsurf Networks, a leader in K-12 wireless computing, today announced a strategic partnership with the Center for Children and Technology (CCT), the nationally recognized leader in researching the role technology plays in improving teaching and learning. Through this partnership, CCT will conduct studies of Mindsurf Networks' wireless handheld computing solution and its impact on K-12 students and teachers in the recently launched Schools of Innovation Program. This national program involves 100 schools who are the first in a series of schools to implement the Mindsurf Networks solution.

CCT will conduct a longitudinal research study in three phases over an 18-month period in order to fully understand how the Mindsurf Networks solution influences learning. Phase 1, stretching over a five-month period, will evaluate the way teachers and students use the Mindsurf applications. As an integral part to this classroom observation phase, CCT will study specific student and teacher usage patterns and preferences. CCT also will conduct in-depth interviews with teachers and administrators to measure the usability and effectiveness of the applications and assemble parent focus groups to further explore the technology's benefits. Phase 2, a two-month period, will entail the coordination of a comprehensive plan for the formal evaluation study planned for the 2001-02 school year. Phase 3 will examine the long-term impact of the Mindsurf Networks solution.

"We've been studying the impact of technology on education from the time when personal computing was first introduced in the classroom," said Margaret Honey, Ph.D., director, Center for Children and Technology. "With the advent of wireless technology solutions like the one we're seeing with Mindsurf Networks, the potential to strengthen teaching and learning becomes even greater."

"We selected CCT from a large pool of potential research groups because of its solid grasp of how technology works in schools, its high standards of scientific research and modern tactics, and its positive reputation industry-wide as a group able to achieve rigorous results in the least disruptive manner possible," said Mickey Revenaugh, vice-president for Product Planning and Research at Mindsurf Networks.

Schools of Innovation Program participants will also benefit from CCT's partnership. In addition to the attention that the study will bring to the school community, the research is being conducted with the ultimate goal of improving learning. "As a community we are all very excited to play a significant role in changing the face of education," said Dr. Chester Floyd, Superintendent Berkeley County, South Carolina. "By participating in such a study, we are helping to make learning more effective. It is imperative that all school districts commit to incorporating technology in the classroom. CCT is taking an important step in validating the effectiveness of Mindsurf's solution, driving higher achievement for more students."

About Center for Children and Technology
Founded in 1980 by Bank Street College of Education, CCT became a division of the non-profit Education Development Center (EDC) in 1994. Based in New York, CCT has worked in collaboration with schools, museums, libraries, cultural and community organizations, after-school programs, and corporate foundations. Past and present partners include AOL, Intel, Boys and Girls Club of America and IBM.

See the latest research results of the CCT study. Download the full report.
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