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September 26, 2001
Education Week: Handheld Computing: New Best Tech Tool or Just a Fad?

September 10, 2001
Washington Technology: Reading, Writing, Wireless - Portable Computing Fitting the Needs Of Education Without Big Budgets

September 10, 2001
Washington Technology: Wireless Computing is Big Man on Campus

September 6, 2001
Washingtonpost.com: Firm Puts Education's Future In Palm of Students' Hands

August 28, 2001
eSchool News Online: School Board Weighs Ban on Student Laptops, PDAs

August 23, 2001
The New York Times: The Latest Gear; Turning Hand-Helds Into Handouts

August 2, 2001
BBC World Online: Handheld PCs in the Classroom
You must have Windows Media Player to watch this broadcast about IS 162, a Mindsurf Networks School of Innovation in the South Bronx.

August 1, 2001
eSchool News Online: Laptop Functionality at a Fraction of the Cost

July 2, 2001
FCW.COM: Handhelp Computers Earn High Marks

July 2001
The Business Monthly: Freshmen on Computers at River Hill High

June 19, 2001
Newsday logo  Handheld Devices Create Order From Chaos: Electronic Notebooks Make Schoolwork Fun

June 4, 2001
InformationWeek: Sharing Risks - Companies and Their Technology Vendors are Joining Forces to Start New Ventures

May 31, 2001
Internet.com: Mindsurf Networks Acquires Discourse Technologies

May 8, 2001
USA Today logo  Handheld, No Hand-Holding: Students Gain Computing Power, Get Organized with Help of PDAs

May 2001
Principal Leadership: Beaming Your School into the 21st Century

May 2001
NEAToday Online: Taking the Future in Their Hands

April 19, 2001
Bloomberg.com: Handheld PCs in the Hands of Students
You must have RealPlayer 8 or Windows Media Player 7 to listen to the 90-second interview with Dean Kephart, Mindsurf Networks' Vice President of Product Marketing. To play the clip, select Audio Archives from the Bootcamp page, scroll down to the interview, and click the date.

December 1, 2000
eSchool News Online: Best Practices Technology - Maryland Students Use PDAs

November 13, 2000
eSchool News Online: Maryland Students Use Handheld Computers to Boost Their Productivity

November 6, 2000
MbizCentral: MindSurf Pushes Wireless in Schools

November 5, 2000
Washingtonpost.com: Classrooms, Unplugged

October 30, 2000
Washingtonpost.com: A Marriage Made for Education

September 26, 2000
Wired News: Students Get Helping Handheld

September 20, 2000
Baltimore Business Journal: Mindsurf Launches Wireless High School Program

July 17, 2000
InformationWeek: Wireless E-Learning Venture Launched

July 17, 2000
Washingtonpost.com: Aether, Sylvan to Develop Wireless Devices for Students

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