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Mindsurf Networks Linking Policy

Saving You Time

Mindsurf Networks enhances the content on our site by finding and linking to some of the best websites for students and teachers doing research on the Internet. We don't want to waste time randomly surfing the Web any more than you do. Our "smart links," many of which are cataloged in our Web Guide directory, reflect sites our own team uses to locate educational or reference materials on the Web fast and directly.

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What About Advertising?

By now you're accustomed to seeing advertising on the Web. Mindsurf Networks does not control or endorse advertising you find when you link to other sites from our website.

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Having Trouble with a Link?

You may need to download a tool to fully explore some of the sites we recommend. Many websites provide instructions on how to download free plug-ins.

If a link isn't working properly, the site may be down or closed. We test all of our links periodically to ensure that they're still useful. If you find one we missed and want to report it, select "Contact Us" from the bottom of any screen. We always appreciate your feedback.

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