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Our Vision
Like you, Mindsurf Networks is committed to helping students achieve academic success. We believe that our innovative solution can help schools achieve this shared goal effectively and affordably. Together, we are creating classrooms in which:
Our Vision
  • For the first time, one-to-one computing is a reality. Gone forever are the days when access was limited to computer labs or rolling workstations. Now every student and teacher has the power of a computer in his or her own hands.
  • You and your students are connected to a vast network of educational resources designed specifically to integrate technology with the needs of your school and classrooms.
  • You can follow all students' learning in real time and assess comprehension while teaching. With unparalleled insight into each student's understanding of the lesson at hand, you can provide immediate feedback and additional resources to meet each student's needs.

  • You will collaborate with a network of learning professionals dedicated to increasing academic achievement and ensuring access to technology for all of America's kids.
Together we are enriching the way we teach, learn, dream, and grow!
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