March 6, 2002

McGraw-Hill Education and Mindsurf Partner to Offer Digital Curricula through Discourse Software

Orlando, FL - FETC 2002 McGraw-Hill Education's Digital Learning Group and Mindsurf today announced that they are jointly developing digital curricula based on McGraw-Hill Education's electronic textbooks for Mindsurf's Discourse instructional platform. The companies will first offer Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's best selling Glencoe Algebra I textbook beginning in the fall.

With this agreement, McGraw-Hill Education becomes the first publisher to integrate an electronic instructional method with core curriculum products. This new product enables teachers to instantly provide lessons and assessments from the textbook directly to each student computer. At the same time, the teacher will be able to observe and track all student work on the teacher's computer in real time. As a result, teachers can now immediately know every student's mastery of the Algebra I curriculum, prepare students for assessments, and provide instant remediation using the textbook materials they have adopted.

The Discourse instructional and assessment software is used by teachers in computer labs or in classrooms where every student has a computer and allows teachers to deliver standards-correlated, media-rich lessons, materials and assessments to each student's computer. Discourse enables teachers to discreetly view every student's responses to assessments in real time. Teachers are then able to assess each student's comprehension and concept mastery. This immediate feedback allows for on-the-spot remediation and targeted instruction. Studies from classrooms using Discourse have found that the software significantly improves student achievement across grade levels and subjects.

McGraw-Hill Education is a unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, and is the largest pre-K through 12th grade publisher in the U.S. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill is the nation's leading educational publisher for grades 6-12. The new digital curricula, from McGraw-Hill Digital Learning, allows teachers to instantly provide students with interactive graphs, text, and quizzes from Glencoe Algebra I on their computers as part of a lesson, assessment, or for on-the-spot remediation. For example, a teacher can quickly scan through the electronic textbook and select definitions, interactive problems and quiz questions. She can then use Discourse to create her lesson with these materials. As she teaches, she can send the interactive problem to all students, on their computers, and watch each student work with the problem on her computer. If she sees students struggling with the problem, she can easily send the textbook section covering the material to those students, so they can re-read and then tackle the problem.

"Our alliance with Mindsurf reflects our mission to provide teachers with technology solutions that improve student performance. We are very excited about this opportunity to help improve teachers' understanding of student comprehension and respond to specific teaching needs with McGraw-Hill Education's core textbook materials," said Brad Onken, president of McGraw-Hill Digital Learning. "Discourse offers teachers a great way to bring exciting digital content into the classroom as part of their daily instruction."

"This effort is a clear demonstration of McGraw-Hill Education's leadership in the development and use of digital content for schools," said Bruce J. Davis, CEO of Mindsurf. "Schools are challenged to make sure that students perform well on highly-scrutinized annual assessments while teaching effectively and thoroughly covering the curriculum. By incorporating the core curriculum materials from McGraw-Hill Education into Discourse, teachers can seamlessly weave assessment preparation into day-to-day teaching and save themselves an enormous amount of time on test scoring and reporting."

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