November 8, 2001

Mindsurf Networks Partners with EdVISION to Offer Standards-Based Testing Content and Tools

Software Instruction Solution Now Includes Thousands of Questions for Assessments by Skill and Correlated to State Standards and High-Stakes Tests

ATLANTA, GA - NSBA Technology + Learning Conference - November 8, 2001 - Mindsurf Networks, a leading provider of software instruction solutions, and EdVISION Corporation, the leader in curriculum development and assessment tools, today announced that they have partnered to offer Assessment ConnectionTM for Achievement Essentials. EdVISION's Assessment ConnectionTM quickly creates valid and reliable classroom assessments aligned to the specific standards and objectives taught by the district. The questions can then be delivered to students through Achievement Essentials to each student's computer as part of a lesson, and the teacher's computer can access each student's answers immediately following his or her completion of the test.

"The strength of Mindsurf Achievement Essentials is the incredible flexibility it gives teachers to teach the way they want, using technology to truly individualize instruction and assessment," said Bill Tudor, CEO of EdVISION. "Educators will find the combination of assessment content and a technology that allows for immediate feedback and remediation a combination that directly addresses the current education challenge of meeting assessment goals while teaching progressively."

Assessment ConnectionTM helps schools align their teaching with state testing and curriculum standards, and helps teachers integrate standards-related questions into their daily one-to-one teaching with Achievement Essentials. In just a few clicks, teachers can not only create tests and quizzes reflecting state standards, they can also immediately see student progress and grades, and conduct remediation to students individually. By integrating state standards and high-stakes exam skills into their day-to-day lessons, teachers can help their students perform well on those tests as a part of the learning process, rather than cutting class time to do test preparation at the end of each term.

Assessment ConnectionTM contains more than 900 skills and tutorials, and over 12,900 valid and reliable questions for quizzes and tests. The program provides teachers with extensive content aligned to state standards and standardized tests - for curriculum and/or individualized remediation - in math, reading, language arts, and life science for students in grades 2 through 12.

Achievement Essentials is the total learning software solution for one-to-one computing that includes an instructional platform enabling real-time lesson delivery, assessment, and instant student-teacher communication. The instructional platform allows teachers to view student comprehension in real time and assess student performance keystroke by keystroke. This unique system gives teachers a way of involving every student in discussion and questions - not just those that raise their hands.

Achievement Essentials also includes a one-to-one technology management suite that features enterprise network management software and a set of personal information management tools. These tools enable schools to implement one-to-one computing without significantly adding school resources and enable students and teachers to access organization tools, including email, calendar, tasks, and a personal address book, from either their handheld computers or through the Web.

"Assessment and test preparation are an integral part of education, and EdVISION is widely regarded as the leading provider of high-stakes assessment products. The addition of EdVISION's Assessment ConnectionTM for Achievement Essentials provides educators with an unparalleled assessment and learning tool," said Bruce Davis, CEO of Mindsurf Networks. "Within minutes, teachers can teach a lesson and provide students with valid, reliable questions to determine if the concepts were understood. On an individual basis, teachers instantly know each students' level of comprehension, and can, if necessary, immediately provide additional resources or individualized assignments for remediation."

About EdVISION Corporation
Headquartered in San Diego, California, EdVISION Corporation is a leading provider of curriculum development and assessment tools for the education community. EdVISION Corporation has created a variety of software and Internet tools for use in the educational field that are used in more than 23,000 schools nationwide.