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Chapter 1 Using Netshare
Chapter 2 About Web Server Publishing
Chapter 3 Installing and Configuring
Chapter 4 Web Publisher Quickstart
Chapter 5 Services and Menus
Chapter 6 Search
Chapter 7 Access Control

Chapter 1 Using Netshare

iPlanet Web Server clients can use Netshare to collaborate on projects by directly accessing, editing, and managing files on remote servers. Netshare, through its many services, provides sophisticated features for server clients, such as file management, editing and publishing, and access to Web Publisher features such as search and access control.

Netshare provides you with a personal home page for storing, sharing, and managing their server documents. From your home page, you can also obtain information about how you are defined in the server's user directory, such as your name, password, and telephone extension.

This chapter discusses these topics:

Using Your Netshare
As a Netshare end user, you have your own personal home page that provides easy access to iPlanet Web Server user services, such as Web Publisher and search. You also have one or more personal Netshare home directories that you can use for publishing documents that you want to store on the server. You can direct other users to this directory as a central repository of your server documents.

This section discusses these topics:

Customizing Your Netshare Home Page
By default, your Netshare home page displays the netshare.html file in the right frame. Initially this HTML file contains mostly text and a few sample links, but you or your server administrator can revise this file as desired to contain other text, graphics, links, and other HTML elements.

This file is the starting point for a your workspace on the remote server and is what other users first see when they access your home page. As the owner of the home page, you or your server administrator may want to provide some explanation of what other files, folders, and services are available through the home page and display some navigational links to route other users through the site.

This is the default set of files that is installed in a Netshare home directory:


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