Complete Contents
Chapter 1 Using Netshare
Chapter 2 About Web Server Publishing
Chapter 3 Installing and Configuring
Chapter 4 Web Publisher Quickstart
Chapter 5 Services and Menus
Chapter 6 Search
Chapter 7 Access Control


Computer System Requirements
Contacting Technical Support
Chapter 1 Using Netshare
Using Your Netshare
Displaying Your Home Page
Controlling Access to Your Home Page
Linking to Other Services
     Web Publisher

     Access Control


     User Info

     User's Guide

Customizing Your Netshare Home Page
Chapter 2 About Web Server Publishing
File Management
Editing and Publishing
Controlling Access
Chapter 3 Installing and Configuring
The Web Publisher Home Page
The Web Publisher Console Window
Configuring Web Publisher
The Editor Preferences File
The Web Publisher Preferences File
User Access Requirements
For Communicator and Composer Users
Enabling Java
Installing the Composer Plug-in
Java Security Certificates
Page Services Menu Command
Using a Locally Installed Applet
For Internet Explorer Users
Enabling Java
Java Security Certificates
Chapter 4 Web Publisher QuickStart
Using the Web Publisher Interface
Web Publisher Icons
Sorting the Listed Files and Folders
Keyboard Shortcuts
Toolbar Shortcuts
Editing a Server File
Adding a New File to the Server
Viewing a File's Information
File Properties
     Default Properties

     Custom Properties

Chapter 5 Services and Menus
Web Publisher Services Page
     Modifying a File's Properties

Custom Properties
Web Publisher Button
Access Control Button
Search Button
Help Button
The File Menu
Creating a New Folder
Opening an Existing Folder
Browsing a File
Editing a File
     Canceling an Edit

Publishing Edited Files
     Publishing an Edited File

     Publishing all Edited Files

Uploading to Your Server
Downloading From the Server
Exiting from Web Publisher
The Edit menu
Locking and Unlocking a File
     Locking a File

     Unlocking a File

Copying Files and Folders
     Copying a File

     Copying a Folder

Moving Files and Folders
     Moving a File

     Moving a Folder

Renaming Files and Folders
     Renaming a File

     Renaming a Folder

Deleting Files and Folders
     Deleting a File

     Deleting a Folder

User Preferences
     User Name Preference

     Operations to Confirm




The View Menu
Sorting Files and Folders
Redrawing the Window
Reloading the Window
Showing the Toolbar
The Help Menu
Web Publisher Help
Chapter 6 Using Search
Preparing Data for Searching
About Collection Attributes
META-Tagged Attributes
Performing a Search: The Basics
Creating a Search Query
     The Standard Search Query Form

     The Advanced HTML Search Query Page

     The Guided Search Applet

Getting Search Results
     Access Permission Checking

     Listing Matched Documents

     Sorting the Results

     Displaying a Document

Displaying Collection Contents
Using the Query Operators
Default Assumptions
Search Rules
     Angle Brackets

     Combining Operators

     Using Query Operators as Search Words

     Canceling Stemming

     Modifying Operators

Determining Which Operators to Use
Query Operators: a Reference
Using Wildcards
     Wildcards as Literals

Chapter 7 Controlling Access
User Authentication
Web Publisher Access Permissions
Ownership of Files and Folders
Manually Assigning Ownership
Automatic Assignment
Setting Access: An Example
Access Control: The Details
Setting Actions
Setting Users and Groups
Setting Rights
The Access Control Window
Moving Rules Up and Down
Deleting ACL Rules
Response When Access is Denied
Additional Options
Using the Continue Option
Specifying Host Names and IP Addresses

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