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Chapter 1 Using Netshare
Chapter 2 About Web Server Publishing
Chapter 3 Installing and Configuring
Chapter 4 Web Publisher Quickstart
Chapter 5 Services and Menus
Chapter 6 Search
Chapter 7 Access Control

Chapter 3 Installing and Configuring

Web Publisher is a Java applet that provides convenient client access to web server publishing. The default installation of iPlanet Web Server includes the Web Publisher applet with a home page.

This chapter discusses some basic information about installing and configuring Web Publisher and describes issues specific to the version of Netscape Navigator you are using. The chapter includes these sections:

The Web Publisher Home Page
The Web Publisher home page is included as part of the default iPlanet Web Server installation. From this page, you can launch Web Publisher, define the web publishing document directory, download the plug-ins appropriate for your system, and access online help.

To locate the Web Publisher home page, type in this URL:


This displays the Web Publisher home page, which has a Start Web Publisher button as well as useful links: one for downloading the plug-in and several for accessing the online help system. After installing the plug-in for your system, you can start Web Publisher from this page.

When you launch Web Publisher, you need to identify which document directory you want it to use. By default, Web Publisher has the primary document directory as its scope. You can change this to point at a different folder on your server by choosing one from the drop-down list or by directly typing in the folder you want to use. Whichever folder you enter becomes added to the drop-down list for your future convenience. The list can hold 10 folders. If you add additional folders, the first ones you entered are deleted from the list.

The Web Publisher Console Window
When you start up Web Publisher, a special Web Publisher browser window appears on your screen, as shown in Figure 3.1, that provides a Java environment for Web Publisher. This browser window must remain open in order for you to be able to run Web Publisher.

Figure 3.1    The Web Publisher console window

Configuring Web Publisher
There are two configuration files that determine how Web Publisher works. One file, editor.txt, associates file types with applications that are to be launched when you open a file for editing. The other, nswppref.txt, stores information about your Web Publisher session such as your user name, window size, user preferences, and files being edited. These files are stored locally in your system in the folder that contains your Netscape Navigator program. For example, for a Windows user it might be in C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator. Typically, users do not need to modify these files. There are, however, some circumstances when you may want to make changes to these files.

This section discusses these topics:

User Access Requirements
In order to use Web Publisher, you must be defined as a valid user with basic read or read-write permissions for iPlanet Web Server. See your server administrator if you have any questions about your user privileges.

The default access control for iPlanet Web Server is to permit any defined user to have write privileges to the server's files. Your server administrator can adjust this for a specific server. You can also adjust this for individual files and folders that you own by using Web Publisher's access control function. See Chapter 7, "Controlling Access," for more information.

For Communicator and Composer Users
This section applies to Web Publisher users who are using Netscape Communicator and its Composer component. The section discusses these topics:

For Internet Explorer Users
This section applies to those Web Publisher users who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. The section discusses these topics:


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