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Formative assessment

Know what they know

Instant feedback

Full engagement

Leave no child behind


Teaching. Learning. Assessment.

Discourse, now from ETS Technologies, is a tool for teaching and formative assessment. With this instructional delivery and assessment platform, teachers can monitor each student's learning and progress as it occurs.

Student using Discourse with laptopBy fostering 100 percent student participation in every lesson, and by providing teachers with immediate feedback about each student's level of understanding, Discourse ensures that no child is left behind.

You will always know what they know
Discourse allows teachers to "look over each child's shoulder" and gain unparalleled insight into each student's comprehension. You will know instantly if a student is having difficulty and can intervene immediately.

Use it with any subject and any grade
Because Discourse is a teaching tool, it can be used with any curriculum and any grade level, making it an ideal for:

> Standards-based instruction
> Low-achievement remediation
> Standardized test preparation
> Special education classes
> Schoolwide assessment projects

Add it to any hardware platform
Discourse can be installed on virtually any networked computer environment wired or wireless and is the ideal complement for mobile laptop carts, handheld computers and desktops.


A major strength is that Discourse is content-free and so suitable for any subject. Open-ended questions also mean that lesson preparation time does not have to become a concern. There is no need to collect exercise books and mark them before the main problems can be spotted and dealt with in the next lesson.

Sean O'Reilly, Head of ICT
Ashcroft High School, Luton, England

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